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Creating from Self Love

We often hear sayings like "Life is about the journey, not the destination." Or reminders to be present, be in the moment, this moment is all there is, and so on. These things are true- both about life and about art. Whatever we are creating in this moment- an experience, a work of art, a dance, a meal, a memory with a loved one- let it be created from a space of self love and trust. Trust your intuition to guide you and create something beautiful in it's authenticity. Be real, be raw, be truth, be love.


So what does it really mean, to create from self love? It can mean many things, different things to each of us. We are each unique, and so our creations will be also unique when they are brought forth from that piece of ourselves that is most essentially us. Therein lies their beauty. Not in a literal or visual sense. Beauty in that literal kind of way can also mean many various things to people.

We are talking about Beauty in the sense of truth and authenticity. The beauty of love itself. Self love is the most beautiful kind of love because it makes all other loves possible. From self love comes love for others, love for life. From self love comes a knowledge of our 'why', and a purpose to our mission in life. A person without self love cannot sustainably create loving beautiful experiences for themselves nor others.

When we love and accept ourselves exactly as we are right now, nothing external matters. The circumstances are irrelevant. Other people's opinions of us and what we create are also irrelevant. What really matters is that we create from that place of fully loving and accepting ourselves, even on the tough days when we have to remind ourselves that we are loveable and worthy. This kind of authentic creation can change the world, rippling out from us to touch others. Self love --> Trust --> Inspired Action!

Personally, I like to begin from meditation or vision. Then I go to journaling, to process the feelings and bring trust in. Free writing often loosens us up to find our next best move, listening to our soul voice.



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