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What is holding you back from the vibrant wellness you desire?

People find all sorts of reasons to put their health and wellbeing on hold. We all do this to some degree- especially women, and even more so mothers and caregivers- putting our own needs and desires for wellbeing to take care of alllll the thinngggs. It's exhausting just thinking about it isn't it? But it's also a recipe for disaster. What happens if you stay on this track of 'pushing through it'? Burnout. Then what? Not only will you suffer, but so will those who rely on you. Taking the best possible care of yourself is actually in service of those you love and take care of also.

If things stay as they are, a struggling person's health will not only not get better- it will most likely get worse. It’s heartbreaking to know someone really desires to experience greater wellness and joy, and to know that I can help them, but find they are resistant to receiving the help. So here is some food for thought:

How does your current experience of health and vitality compare to the experience you desire?

How do you want to feel?

What’s in the way?

What's in the gap between now and your future self living that experience of complete well-being?

How will being your healthiest and most vibrant self impact your life?

How will it impact your loved ones?

I help people break free from the cage of chronic unwellness by focusing on inner healing. Notice I didn’t say chronic illness. Because people usually recognize the need to treat illness before it becomes chronic. Sometimes they may need more medical intervention and sometimes they don’t. So what is chronic unwellness?

  • If you wake up tired every day, or struggle to get through the day due to fatigue- that is chronic unwellness.

  • If you experience daily pain in any part of your body- that is chronic unwellness.

  • If you experience too much or too frequently anxiety, self-doubt, traumatic memories , stress, lack of self-care, digestive issues, skin problems, or anything else that doesn’t fit your personal picture of wellness- that is chronic unwellness.

You don’t have to stay trapped in that experience. I can help you find the key to your cage. Understanding the powerful impact of the mind-body connection, I focus on helping you to regulate your nervous system. (Get the Free Wellness Workbook to learn some fast ways to benefit your health by regulating your nervous system.) With a science backed education, and many means of approaching what’s making you chronically unwell, a custom tailored approach for each person is carefully designed. What happens when you open yourself to receiving the support and accountability of a Wellness Coach? You’ll experience an increase not only in vitality and energy, but also abundance in all areas of life! The more wellness you have, you’ll actually experience having more of everything including time, money and energy.

Whether you want to work with me in one off sessions for various holistic modalities, or you want personal wellness and life coaching, or even physical training, we can map out a path to ultimate wellness for you. I love helping people to feel their best and live a vibrant and joyful life! So let me ask you again…. What’s holding you back from the vibrant wellness you desire? Give this some careful consideration and let me know in the comments what your biggest health hurdle is.

You can see the original post and respond to the poll on Instagram and Facebook.

Much love,

Donna Casey

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